Week 4 - First Production Week!

Hooray we (barely) survived another week!

All you sunday joggers eager to run through this chaotic game probably want to know what we've done this week.
Well currently we're trying to insert the features our prototype had in a clean and stable way.
With that we're also inserting some new neat features and visuals in this sprint, like menu screens, more powerups and some effects


Based on the prototypes we made in the previous sprint we decided to change the levelgeneration of our game. We ditched the stairs and went with a solid floor and two levels of floating platforms. Because of this change we redesigned the way the level is generated. Instead of picking levelsections containing certain floors and traps we now build up the section dynamically before adding it to the level. The ground floor is generated seperately from the mid and upper floors. Since the sections are created dynamically we also need a lot less prefabs, those that were basically copies from one another are now obsolete as te parts kan be reused when building the section.

This screenshot uses only three prefabs, which will be expanded to nine with different art for the different levels. In the old system this would have required 7 prefabs, for ever section.


This week we made a running animation to test out the capabilities of the rig. Also did some research on mixamo and what the benefits of that were. The conclusion was that mixamo is a lot faster but the skinning isn’t optimal and so we did the animation in maya. Because we are used to make animation scenes and not smooth game cycles we had to do some research on that.

Moving & Dashing:

Now we aren’t using a rigidbody anymore (where the physics are calculated for u). We had some problems with the collision and our character weren’t moved very smoothly so we decided to make our own physics. We are using a physicsobject (self made class) that we can use for all our moving objects such as our character and items. Now everything is running smoothly and we can tune all the variables very easly. Before we had some problems with the dashing part, sometimes it was dashing through our walls. Now this is fixed.


Now we can call our inputmanager in all our classes because it’s a static class. Very handy to keep our code clean and readable.


The camera works pretty much the same as it did in the prototype, only now it is free of a weird shocking when it’s going to a top position. This was fixed by lowering the point it slerps around.

In-Game Menu:

We’ve implemented a pause menu which which is only controllable by the player who paused the game. Here the player can choose to resume the game, go to the main menu (currently unavaible) or close the game.

Hope we got you excited and pleased with our current progress! 

We will be back again next week ready to blow your socks off with our new progress!

Enjoy the weekend!

Ruben - Group24(Dev)


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Mar 15, 2018

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