Week7 - Easter Holidays

Production sprint 3: Easter Holidays

Hey guys! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sweet spring weather. So grab your cold drinks and see what we’ve produced this week.

InGame UI

This week we made a part of the ingame UI. (see image below) It still has to be implemented in front of the camera, but the complete UI and UI suggestion is finished.

The game is finally getting a certain style. But the keypoint of the art style is all about medieval.

All elements should be found in some sort of medieval setting. Of Course it’s stylised and the low poly elements in the game should be represented into the UI.

(UI suggestion)

All elements are created and saved separately (see image below) as such that the implementation and substitution of element isn’t hard code-wise. All items have their respective offsets as such that when they are implemented, that one complete set of UI for one player should be placed on one and the same pivot point. For the items, only the most important item UI’s are yet made. There are still some more that should be painted, but that would be for next update!

(UI elements + Items)

Breakable obstacles

We created a new obstacle for the level. These barrel shaped obstacles block the player when moving normally, but will break when a player dashes through it. The pieces will fly away in directions that make sense depending on the point of impact. The separate pieces of the exploded barrel are also given a collider, so they don’t fall through the ground because, well, it looks cooler...

The breakable system has also been added to the pickup crate!


Ragemode and landing dust particles have been implemented in the game!

TimeSlow Powerup!

This powerup slows down the world around you while you still keep the same speed. Excellent for easily killing your enemies right? Well beware, the world slowly regains balance ,this effect wears off over 8 seconds. (gotta admit, we can work on this powerups name. It ain't that catchy.)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor but wait there more gif


-Several Respawning and death fixes.

-Player collision fixed so the knights feet aren’t in the ground (must’ve been painful)

-Animation transition fixed (falling-> running).

That’s it for this week! Hope you guys are excited to see us again on  friday the 20th!

‘Till then, peace!

-Outta Da Way dev team.


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Mar 30, 2018

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