Week 5 - Production sprint 1 (week2)

Blogpost 23/3

This Week we arrive yet again with an update, this one will be kept short as well due to time issues.


This week we expanded on the levelgeneration, mainly adding the meshes so it looks prettier. We also added a background to the game. A forest is dynamically generated on the the terrain to fill in the background.


A Menu-,character creation-,and pause menu are made and fully working.(with the exception of the options menu) They function just fine and are just waiting for a lovely touch by our artists.


Shield powerup has been created and tested and has been deemed worthy to be a part of this weeks build. The shield powerup makes the player temporarly immune to all hazards except for falling out of the map.

Turtle shell, this powerup prooved to be harder than expected and isnt stable enough to be in the build this week. But the foundations of this powerup are layed and it will make its way in the game. However we delay this powerup for an unkwon time.

To keep track of your powerups we also implemented your inventory to keep your two collected powerups save until usage. Also the art for this UI is still on it way but enjoy our placeholders ^-^.


Several movement and collision fixes.

Landscape creation:

Mainly focused on creating a background environment for the game. Because the camera turns in different angles the ground and its surrounding must be modelled. So we went on modelling modular landscapes that can be generated with the level generator. The hard part was to make the landscape seamless. We also made some mountains to generate behind the landscapes to break up the modularity but that’s not yet in the build.

Textures are a work in progress and will probably need some tweaking. Because we are using color swatches we will have to use more polys to define the specific colors. We also made some more trees to generate a random forest on the landscapes. We also modeled some cloud to generate in the level. This will be used to give a sense of depth but this is also not yet in the build.

Walkable blocks & items:

We made the walkable blocks so they can be generated by the level generator. They use a base structure and at the ends of this the have a cap mesh. We also modelled a walkable block that’s different for each height level of the map. We also made a mesh for the turtle shell mechanic and some destructible meshes that will be used in the level generator.

A current look at our game(5fps gif):

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