Week 6 - End of Production Sprint1

Blogpost 30/03/2018

This week marks the end of sprint 2.

Read on to find our update for this week!

Texturing the assets and walkables:

This week we put some time into the texturing of the walkable blocks and all the assets we have at this point. (see image below)

All the textures are made with a single color swatch (image below). This works fine with our art style and it takes almost none to no time to unwrap and texture. The time we’d lose by hand painting can now be put into other stuff (like painting the UI).

Character Selection UI

This week we designed the character selection UI.

It’s not completely done, but it’s getting there. The hand painted part is done, now we only need to add the 3D mesh of the characters itself onto the scrolls and add the animation of the idle to selection onto it.

Both animations are ready to import into the game as well. So this will almost take no time to fix.

The players will be able to choose their own colors of character. We’re still debating if we want to change the players names to their respective colors or not.

Every part of the UI is exported by itself. This makes it easier to make the scene and gives a lot more freedom to the programmers who compose the scene in unity. Also will the arrows light up when the players floats through all of their possible colors. This way the players will have feedback when they do an action.


This week we made the landscape meshes tileable. last week some meshed had gaps between them when put together. This took a great portion of the time because all the meshes are interchangeable of place so they all need to be tileable. After this we made some mountains to be generated behind the landscape mesh. This will break up the tiling of the landscape and will give more randomness to the level.


we started working on more animation for the game. The death animation is ready but maybe in the future we will maken separate animation for each cause of death. We also made a rage mode animation for the special ability. The jump animation is also included in this weeks build. And last but not least a idle animation for the character selection screen. We will also make a animation for when the character ready ups so you have visual feedback.

We also implemented all these animations in the level already :).

Spikes And Plants

We modelled and coded some spikes to put between the gaps of the walkable blocks so the player has a visual feedback that that’s a dangerous place and that you will die if you walk on them.

We also modelled some plants to fill the woods and give it a nicer and richer look. as of yet we only have 3 plants and no grass because we changed the look of the grass last minute because the first version didn’t fit into our level.

Movement and collision

Big overhaul on out custom physics system, it took a lot of time and discussion but we finally came to a decent result

Player UI

Now we have an operational PlayerUI. It currently holds the current items that we can use, the lives and the current item over time. Also if we use an item, you must wait 5 seconds before you can use another one. If you use a speedup or a boost then it will be usable for over 15 seconds. In the UI You can see some timers (blue for items-use, green for dashing and the circle under the knight image for how long an ability lasts.

Falling Blocks

A special block has been added to the code, not yet to the game except for one test block at the beginning of the course to test its features. Beware! this block will fall if a player walks on it and will absolutely squish your knight to mush.


This special powerup will cause your knight to go into a fury destroying all players on his path and be immune for all other players trying to jump on its head.beware though, this powerup causes your players jump to be significantly lower and your player to have a will on of its own and have a faster base speed. Also your controlled speed is larger.

Thats it for this week folks, cya next sprint after our easter break ;)


Outta_Da_Way_Prototype_1.rar 12 MB
Mar 02, 2018
Outta_Da_Way_Prototype_2.rar 11 MB
Mar 02, 2018
Outta_Da_Way_Prototype_3.rar 11 MB
Mar 08, 2018
Unreal _CamPrototype_Display.zip 109 MB
Mar 08, 2018
Outta_Da_Way_Prototype4_Perspective.rar 11 MB
Mar 09, 2018

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